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Dragon Crystal


Dragon Crystal is a fighting game that draws players into battles between many characters who are always trying to destroy the opposing side. The level’s goal is to get as many kills and launch attacks that match and coordinate with your teammates. At the same time, the number of diverse characters with interesting attack tactics and locations with different designs will bring a new feeling to players.


In Dragon Crystal, players will have access to a battle between warriors with different strengths, and they will focus on destroying their opponents and supporting teammates. At the same time, players will be caught up in battles and launch attacks to gain points for their teammates. Indeed, players will make good use of the power that each character possesses and choose the right attacks to survive as long as possible.

The player will appear in a 2D environment, and this is convenient for the movement and direction of the character’s attack. At the same time, in the player’s environment, there is absolutely a suitable area for convenient movement, dodging, and finding the time to attack the enemy. So players can move freely inside it to explore and implement the right strategies to win the team at this level.


When the player starts the Dragon Crystal, the player will need to choose the room to join the battle, and of course, you will gradually see new characters appear in a row. At the same time, each person has different attacks that require players to be careful if they do not want to lose too much health. The battle begins, and everyone starts moving to find the target to attack; you should keep your distance from the enemies who want to approach you.

Players will control the character and use different attacks from melee and ranged attacks. Ranged attacks will usually have the advantage in the distance but consume a certain amount of mana. So you will use melee attacks and ranged attacks to finish off your enemies. In addition, you also need to choose when to recharge and not let anyone attack you.

A mixed battle when there are many characters involved simultaneously, and of course, you cannot fight many people on the opposite side. So you should move with your teammates to counter the enemy and the level goal is to get as many kills as possible. A downed character will give the opposing team a point, and anyone wants to be the winner. That’s why players can’t take their eyes off the game screen and find enemies to compete with.


Once you’ve experienced a fighting game like Dragon Crystal, you definitely can’t ignore the characters that the game offers. These heroes have impressive looks and attacks that players can learn and take the time to master. In addition, in different battles, the player can change the experience by changing the character to avoid boredom. There is one more way that also has the same feature.

In addition to the diverse characters, the environments in the game also completely attract players when they can go to many different locations. It could be a forest or a place in the city that you cannot foresee. At the same time, their characteristics are also different, so you will learn which positions are suitable to attack enemies and gain points with your teammates. Indeed this is a fighting game that you cannot ignore.

Players can’t take their eyes off the fighting battles:

Players will control the character to participate in multiplayer battles and use different attacks to destroy enemies.Melee attacks can be unleashed continuously, or ranged attacks require energy and finish off enemies quickly.Anyone can get caught up in the battle with many other players because of the fun it brings and tries to earn many points to win the level.The number of characters is diverse, with different attacks, and they need to choose the right time to charge their energy.Each level gives players new experiences as their environment changes, and each environment has its unique characteristics.